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External Network Penetration Testing

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External Network Penetration Testing

Safeguard your organization's entire external digital footprint with our comprehensive External Network Penetration Testing services. We take a holistic approach, covering your network infrastructure, email/DNS configuration, and even any leaked Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our experts simulate real-world cyber attacks to identify and address vulnerabilities, providing you with robust and resilient digital defenses.


Why Choose Our Service

Full Spectrum Testing

We go beyond standard network penetration testing. Our service covers your entire external attack surface, including network defenses, email and DNS configurations, and even leaked PII. This comprehensive approach ensures a robust defense against a wide array of cyber threats.

Expert Team

Our team of seasoned professionals has deep expertise in external network penetration testing. They use a blend of cutting-edge tools and methodologies, and deep insight into hacker tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Tailored Methodology

Every organization's network is unique. We customize our approach based on your network architecture and business needs to ensure a thorough and relevant test.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our findings are delivered in an in-depth, easy-to-understand report, detailing identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and actionable remediation strategies.

Remediation Support

After testing is complete, we offer support to ensure you understand the vulnerabilities found and can effectively implement the recommended fixes.


Our Process

Scope Definition

We collaborate with your team to understand your network infrastructure, email/DNS setup, and any existing data leaks. We establish the test's scope and define the rules of engagement.


We gather as much information as possible about your network, email/DNS, and public data to uncover potential vulnerabilities and design a targeted testing approach.


Our team carries out the penetration test, emulating real-world cyber attacks to identify weaknesses in your entire external digital footprint.


We provide a detailed report of our findings, including vulnerabilities discovered, their potential impacts, and specific, actionable advice for remediation.

Remediation Support

Post-test, we offer support to your team to understand the findings and assist with the remediation process

  • What is Web Application Penetration Testing?
    Web Application Penetration Testing, often referred to as Pen Testing, is a simulated attack on your web application to identify potential vulnerabilities and security flaws. The goal is to uncover weaknesses before a malicious actor does.
  • Why does my business need Penetration Testing?
    Web applications are a common entry point for cyber attackers. With Penetration Testing, you can proactively identify and fix vulnerabilities, protecting your business from potential data breaches and the associated costs and damage to your reputation.
  • How often should Penetration Testing be conducted?
    The frequency of Penetration Testing often depends on several factors including the complexity of your web application, changes made to the application, and your specific industry’s regulations. Generally, it is recommended to conduct a Penetration Test at least once a year, or after significant changes are made to your web application.
  • Will Penetration Testing disrupt my business operations?
    No, Penetration Testing is designed to identify vulnerabilities without disrupting your normal business operations. Our team works diligently to ensure minimal impact on your daily functions.
  • What is the difference between a vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing?
    While both are critical for cybersecurity, they differ in their approach. A vulnerability assessment identifies and quantifies security vulnerabilities in your systems, whereas Penetration Testing goes a step further by attempting to exploit those vulnerabilities, simulating a real-world attack.
  • What should we do after receiving the Penetration Test report?
    After you receive the Penetration Test report, it's crucial to review the identified vulnerabilities and take appropriate action to address them. Our team will provide specific, actionable recommendations for remediation and can assist you in understanding and implementing them.
  • Is Penetration Testing Safe?
    Absolutely. Penetration Testing is carried out by professional ethical hackers in a controlled environment. Our team follows industry-standard practices to ensure there is no harm to your web applications or business operations.
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Secure your business's external digital assets with our expert penetration testing services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help protect your organization.

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